1. 12716) I am disgusted when other people eat a lot, but I also feel great, because I eat less than them. But sometimes I eat much because someone else does too. It’s weird and out of control. That’s a terrible kind of war in my head.

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  5. My thighs have been starting to touch again and i don’t think i want to keep recovering…

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  8. 11727) I hate stepping on the scale because it reminds me of what a failure I am.

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  9. 11292) I think somehow this is like suicide. A very slow suicide. With every meal you skip/purge is like taking a pill, after a while your body stops working properly, and you have a chance to survive or a chance to die.

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  10. 10800) There’s a girl at my school who’s so thin. I don’t know if she has an ED, or if she just can’t absorb the calories in what she eats, but I swore to myself that I’d never get so bad that I wanted to look like her. Now I do. This ED is ruining my life, and I have no control anymore.

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